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Be a part of future worlds, distant worlds, and worlds of the soul and mind. A magazine of speculative fiction, Land Beyond the World, encompasses fantasy, science fiction, alternative histories, and much more.

We are long time fans of science fiction and fantasy, just like you. With this magazine, we wanted to provide another place where readers can enjoy short fiction without too much friction. Here are some decisions that go toward that:
  • Our magazine is published/distributed in electronic form only, reducing costs and wait associated with print media
  • Stories are published/emailed weekly, usually on Monday morning
  • We do not restrict ourselves to specific geographic areas or particular types of stories. Almost all kinds of fantasy and science fiction are welcome - our goal is to entertain our readers, not play genre wars
  • We pick stories based on what we enjoy and what would entertain you as well
  • We believe that authors deserve compensation for their work. Please support our magazine by buying a subscription
Here are the gory details:
Our magazine focuses on speculative short fiction, primarily in the science fiction and fantasy genres (except for erotica and horror). We publish new stories weekly, and distribute them via email and web. Some stories are available for free to all readers, and some only to paying subscribers. You are welcome to subscribe for free to follow our progress or you can purchase a paying subscription. If you need additional information, or would like to volunteer, please email us at [email protected].

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$5/month or $30/year
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To read/subscribe to the magazine, visit: